Who is Optimum Outreach?

At Optimum Outreach we consult with organizations to discover the best telecommunications solutions including phone, internet, television & wireless services. With our strategic partnerships, we represent virtually all major carriers, allowing us to provide you with an unbiased experience that will meet your unique telecom needs.

We represent the leading network services across the United States. Our providers offer solutions for every business size and can support your growing business with a variety of solutions. Whether your business needs to have cable or more complex multi-media solutions, such as teleconferencing, our providers offer solutions that will meet your needs. We offer solutions ranging from traditional phone services , VoIP, and Wireless.

We broker cost effective solutions to meet your business needs.

Optimum Outreach was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by D'Narius Lewis in 2020, armed with over two decades of telecom and customer service experience.

On a typical day a CTO or a IT professional can face the following problems in an organization with their current telecom services:

limitations to adequate connection to internal software stored at on sight locations.

Lacking enough phones for remote workers to access issues with functional and efficient internet? What is the solution?

Having a reliable team of Remote workers alongside a trusted telecom brokerage.

This is where Optimum Outreach comes in. We are your one stop shop for telecom needs. We help you save time by providing all you need with exceptional service. We help companies like you aggregate solutions for success by providing you with the necessary tools to take your business remotely no matter where you are located. This would provide a golden solution for CEO's, CTO’s, COO’s, and tech departments to work remotely. Not only would this benefit the ability for your company to run smoothly, but it would also allow for you to not be obligated to enter the office space where you would be putting yourself and your employees at risk for contamination (specifically in this case; the coronavirus pandemic we are currently experiencing).

Optimum Outreach is here to make your company run more efficiently and effectively during times of crisis.

Visit our link below and reach out to find out more about how you can start working TODAY with Optimum Outreach!

Some of our partners include At&t, Verizon, Ring Central, Comcast & More.

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