How Actually Collaborating with Your Competition Can Help Your Business

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that nothing is predictable. We can plan, but you never know what curveball is around the corner. That is why we need to work together to win together. The ever-changing landscape is forcing leaders to rethink their business strategies, even collaborating with other businesses, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Collaboration was unlikely among parallel companies in the recent past, but innovation and breakthrough ideas often come from external sources, not within the industry. That is why collaboration is a growing strategy in today’s business models.

Even McDonald's and Burger King, the two fiercest fast-food rivals, teamed up in 2020 and co-marketed "A Day Without a Whopper". In Argentina, for one day, Burger King donated $2 to charity for every Big Mac ordered at McDonald's. Now that may be extreme, but today you need to try even the craziest ideas. Hubspot reveals 21 Examples of Successful Co-Branded Partnerships here.

Optimum Outreach’s Virtual Business Networking meeting allows everyday entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sales executives the opportunity to collaborate.

Occurring the last Tuesday of every month from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. CST, Optimum Outreach’s Virtual Business Networking is an online meeting of the minds. The virtual meeting is first-registered, first-served. There are only 30 seats are available to business and sales leaders who want to exchange ideas, meet new people, and form lasting business relationships.

So why are events like the Virtual Business Networking important? For years there have been avenues of networking online. The social media giant LinkedIn, for example, is probably the most internationally recognized platform of business networking, especially when it comes to spreading your hiring net past your local market. In fact, according to LinkedIn, more than 700 million people in 200 countries and regions throughout the globe are members of the service.

But as impressive as LinkedIn may be, it is still a static median. Yes, you can read professional history, see photos, and perhaps even observe some of the person’s professional work. But opportunities like the Virtual Business Networking give professional leaders the opportunity to exchange issues and discuss overcoming hurdles facing one another as everyone continues to navigate this new world under a pandemic, ultimately leading to better business ideas and collaborations.

The Virtual Business Networking event begins with each participant allotted a 30-second elevator speech about themselves and their business and their business needs. After the introductions, the second half of the meeting focuses on a new topic each month. These topics will cover a wide range of interests and issues related to the business landscape of today’s world.

After the hour, attendees will receive an email with contact information for every other participant, so you can continue to network past the allotted hour and win together. Why is this important? According to LinkedIn, nearly 80% of professionals say that networking is pertinent to their success, and 70% of people say they were at their current position because of some connection. But networking is not limited to hiring personnel. Networking can bring your organization ideas and solutions. It is the exchange of ideas that can bring your company, your business, or your sales goals to where you want them to be.

Space is limited, so don’t hesitate, claim your spot in the Virtual Business Networking events, and get behind your steering wheel and drive business to your company at rates you’ve never seen before.


About Optimum Outreach

Optimum Outreach is a telecommunications brokerage using proprietary aggregate software to find the right telecom solutions that work best for your organization and your customers. Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by D’Narius Lewis, he brings more than 20 years of experience in the telecom and customer service industries.

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