Coronavirus Vs. The Workplace

The Coronavirus has caused fear in multi business industries, as well as, the stock markets. The U.S. stocks have plummeted losing more than 11% last week. Despite a small comeback on Monday March 16, 2020 stocks continue to stay unstable. As companies and people are in fear of what to do next, the main concern now is what if this pandemic causes longer term economic turmoil in the workforce. As we already know employers and employees alike are experiencing short term business closures.

Many are concerned about the unknown of what the aftermath of this pandemic will bring. What do we do when everything “goes back to normal?” Will things even go back to “normal”?

Right now is the perfect time to think of solutions to keep business and employee productivity at all time high!

On a typical day a CTO or a IT professional can face the following problems in an organization with their current telecom services:

limitations to adequate connection to internal software stored at on sight locations.

Lacking enough phones for remote workers to access issues with functional and efficient internet? What is the solution?

Having a reliable team of Remote workers alongside a trusted telecom brokerage.

This is where Optimum Outreach comes in. We are your one stop shop for telecom needs. We help you save time by providing all you need with exceptional service. We help companies like you aggregate solutions for success by providing you with the necessary tools to take your business remotely no matter where you are located. This would provide a golden solution for CEO's, CTO’s, COO’s, and tech departments to work remotely. Not only would this benefit the ability for your company to run smoothly, but it would also allow for you to not be obligated to enter the office space where you would be putting yourself and your employees at risk for contamination (specifically in this case; the coronavirus pandemic we are currently experiencing).

This scenario isn’t something just made up; it's happening to us all now.

In the last week, companies across the U.S. have started canceling major conferences, halting most business travel, and urging employees to work from home in response to the growing viral outbreak in the country. How will you rise to the occasion and make sure your business is sustainable amidst this virus or any tragic occurrence that may arise in the future?

Discover, Compare and Deploy. This is what we live by at Optimum Outreach we make sure to be the one stop shop for all telecom needs for our clients. If you’re the decision maker in your organization you may want to begin thinking in what ways will you make sure you’re ahead of the game when it comes to having the correct tools to effectively manage your business. Can you be mobile and still be connected to your company's infrastructure? Will working remote hinder or excel your business?

Perks of Remote Workers

With the right team remote workers can be more productive in less time allowing them to start new projects which gives them the space to optimize their problem solving skills. By cutting out travel time to and from work employees are better equipped to use that time solely on their job.

Remote workers tend to produce better results because:

They can finish their work on their own time.

They aren’t distracted by their coworkers.

They can take breaks when they need to.

As stated above; commute time to and from work is eliminated.

Working Remote Can Reduce Costs and Stress

The work place is constantly being reinvented. By having less employees in the office this can significantly reduce overhead costs and you are less likely to have work related injuries and accidents.

With the rise of everyone being overstimulated and fearful of all the unknowns with coronavirus the workplace can also get tense and stressful when all employees still have to come to onsite locations and congregate in close quarters with other employees. By having remote workers you solve the problem of unnecessary stress and anxiety in your workplace alongside cutting costs.

Now we can understand that Remote Workers have less of a chance of catching the Coronavirus, or other illnesses, because they are able to isolate themselves at home.

The best type of business is a business that can be versatile when tough times occur. Why let the panic stop your business?

Optimum Outreach is here to make your company run more efficiently and effectively during times of crisis.

Visit our link below and reach out to find out more about how you can start working TODAY with Optimum Outreach!

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